DWP pay campaign

The DWP Norths Staffs branch organised some payday activity on 31 March, branch secretary, Pete Rofe said:

“Members are sick of falling further behind and being an easy target for treasury pay restraint, they are demanding fair pay for their families, to support the local economy and for recognition of the vital services we deliver. Members in Stoke are furious at the treatment of low paid workers in the Civil Service, they’ve signed the PCS petition in huge numbers to demand a 5% pay increase. They tell us that ‘Enough is Enough’, we want a fair settlement now!"

Members were signed up face to face by reps at both the Service Centre and Job Centre in Hanley.

One frequent comment was about the lack of staff in the Department and that without significant overtime services would fall over. Members felt that they deserved better, and that the Employer did not value their efforts because it has failed to recognise the hard work being done during a period of huge change for DWP with an improved pay offer. They feel left behind, and that the lifting of the pay cap was mere lip service in some work areas, with more and more being expected with zero reward in the pay packet.

Pete went on to say “Our reps have been signing FTAs who recognise that this is more than just about the Treasury squeezing pay, it’s about jobs too. Permanent jobs and not getting work done on the cheap with FTA contracts. They’re joining the campaign for both better pay and permanent jobs to support our services”

For more on our pay campaign see the briefings below:

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