The role of group executive committee liaison officers

The DWP GEC has appointed a number of GEC members to act as GEC regional liaison officers (GECLOs). The role of the GECLO is:

  • to work with regions and branches to ensure effective industrial relations at all levels within the region
  • to work with regions and branches to ensure group policies are put into effect and monitored
  • to advise and support branches in the handling of personal case work
  • to assist regions and branches and the GEC in ensuring membership recruitment, branch organisation/reorganisation and training for representatives are managed effectively
  • to assist in resolving any internal disputes and/or membership complaints that arise within branches
  • to liaise with and report back as required to group officers, relevant sub-committees and the GEC.

The work of GECLOs is to assist regions and branches across DWP to ensure the background to issues and details of procedures are understood and acted on effectively. It is also to ensure that branches make best use of all the resources and services available within PCS.

GECLOs are not expected to substitute for or cover the work that should properly be carried out by branch and sub-branch officers.

GECLOs by region:

  • Scotland – Kevin McCafferty
  • North East – Baljit Johal
  • Yorkshire and Humber – Martin Cavanagh
  • East Mids – Kate Whiting
  • West Mids – Carol Revell
  • Eastern – Louise Evans
  • London – Bev Laidlaw
  • South East – Marie McDonough
  • South West – Rachael Watts
  • Wales – Sian Ruddick
  • North West – Angela Grant

Page last updated 8 August 2018

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