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This is a poster for reps to use for campaining purposes.

Pay 2018 - Organising members meetings

10 Sep 2018

DWP has agreed for PCS to have members' meetings to discuss the 2018 DWP pay offers with a 30 minute flexi credit, plus travelling time, and with the use of official premises.

DWP Pay 2018 - GEC agrees offers are unacceptable

03 Sep 2018

DWP has today published its pay offers for 2018. There are three offers covering three specific groups of staff

  • The 2018 review of the employee deal covers AA to HEO grades, including all who opted in or opted out of the employee deal
  • The 2018 pay offer for all SEO to grade 6 grades
  • The 2018 pay offer for members not on DWP terms and conditions

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