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The GEC is keen to publicise the number of offices where meetings have been held and where this statement has been endorsed by the membership.

PCS Pay Campaign Poster

This is a poster for reps to use for campaining purposes.

PCS members tell us what they think of the DWP Pay offers

25 September 2018

DWP has made three pay offers, all of which PCS considers unacceptable.

Pay 2018 - Organising members meetings

10 Sep 2018

DWP has agreed for PCS to have members' meetings to discuss the 2018 DWP pay offers with a 30 minute flexi credit, plus travelling time, and with the use of official premises.

DWP Pay 2018 - GEC agrees offers are unacceptable

03 Sep 2018

DWP has today published its pay offers for 2018. There are three offers covering three specific groups of staff

  • The 2018 review of the employee deal covers AA to HEO grades, including all who opted in or opted out of the employee deal
  • The 2018 pay offer for all SEO to grade 6 grades
  • The 2018 pay offer for members not on DWP terms and conditions

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We all deserve a 5% rise


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