DWP YMN Issue 1

Welcome to the new DWP Young members' newsletter.  This newsletter will be published once a quarter.  All the articles have been written by young members, and it would be great if more young members got involved in writing articles for us.

Welcome from the YMAC secretary
An introduction to the new DWP young members' newsletter, with the secretaries' address, and talk of the recent campaigns. Also includes information on how to get involved in the DWP YMAC. Read more

Stand Up To Racism national conference
The equality officers for the national young members' committee tell us about their experience at the Stand Up To Racism conference. Read more

Young members' seminar 2017
Craig Jackson, vice chair of the DWP YMAC, tells us about his experience at this year's young members' seminar. Read more

Not one more day
George Richardson, DWP YMAC member, shares his experience of the People's Assembly demo in London. Read more

PCS conference
Jacob Joy, DWP YMAC member, shares his experience of being a trainee delegate at annual conference. Read more

Domestic abuse
Domestic abuse occurs within families from all racial backgrounds, all sexual orientations, and all sections of the community. Read more

Brussels visit
Claire Keogh, DWP YMAC chair, tells us about the amazing opportunity she was a part of when she travelled to Brussels for the ETUC. Read more

Glasgow jobcentre closures
PCS members can be proud of their representatives and activists for their hard work and organised campaign against the proposed jobcentre closures in Glasgow. Read more

Many current PCS members who are apprentices will query the delivery of the target, acknowledging that their own apprenticeship to date has been an utter failure in providing the necessary tuition and quality training that they expected before the commencement of their apprenticeship. Read more

From The editor:
Thanks for taking the time to read the re-launched DWP YMAC newsletter. Your newly-elected committee will be meeting regularly throughout the year to discuss issues faced by young people in the DWP. We’ll also be planning a number of training and social events, across the country, where we’d love to meet you. If you have any issues you’d like us to help with, any questions about the committee’s work, or if you’d like to write an article for the next issue, please contact me directly graham.chismon@dwp.gsi.gov.uk.

Contact us:
Sarah Spencer, secretary – sarah.spencer@dwp.gsi.gov.uk
Claire Keogh, chair – claire.keogh@dwp.gsi.gov.uk
Graham Chismon, editor – graham.chismon@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

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