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From the editor
This issue covers the big issues currently facing members in DWP, including festive leave, ongoing campaigns and extended opening hours. Read more

From the the president
As I am writing this latest DWP president's column, the news of the general election result is becoming clearer, with the dust settling and the prospect of continued struggle looming large. Read more

Festive leave
The group executive committee (GEC) was greatly frustrated by the consultation around festive leave given that last year the process was handled reasonably well. Meetings with individual directors took place fairly late in the day much to the frustration of members who wanted to know if they had been allocated the leave that they had requested. Read more

An overview of the broad range of campaigning accross the group. Read more

Extended opening hours
Members across DWP will now be aware of the employer’s decision to extend opening hours in various parts of the business with effect from May 2020 (PCS Members’ Bulletin 62/19 refers). Read more

Josie Green – thank you!
We are sad to report that Josie Green, a longstanding member of the DWP group editorial board and equality committees, has stepped down from her union roles nationally due to ongoing health issues. Read more


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