Voice Issue 2 2018

Welcome to edition 2 of the Voice for 2018. This issue is full of information for you as members to ensure you are ready to step up to help the national campaign. All members deserve a 5% pay rise and the articles in this issue cover why the stakes couldn't be higher and how you can be ballot ready. Read more

President’s column
Fran Heathcote, DWP group president shares her thoughts on using your opportunity to vote and how DWP members can have an impact on the PCS Pay Campaign. Read more

Get ballot ready
There is lots going on in PCS at the moment and this simple guide sets out what you need to do to get ‘ballot ready’. Group president, Fran Heathcote, takes us through some simple actions to ensure we are ballot ready. Read more

DWP union learning rep wins TUC award
The PCS delegation to the Northern TUC on April 21st were proud to see Karen Scrowther, a DWP ULR from the Northumbria & Tyneside branch, presented with the Northern ULR of the year award by TUC General Secretary by Frances O’Grady. Read more

IN DEPTH: Time to end the pay cap and deliver a real pay rise for ALL our members
Following years of imposed pay restraint on our members in DWP, by successive governments, the last two or three years have been eventful to say the least in terms of pay.  Martin Cavanagh, group vice president explains why DWP members are critical in the national campaign. Read more

Universal Credit telephony - Walsall members take action
Members in Walsall reported continuous problems about how they were being scheduled on the Universal Credit Full Service telephone lines to their site PCS representative Dave Rees. Dave raised the issue of members spending excessive time, and being stood up and down on the telephones at short notice, with local management on a number of occasions without success. Dave and his members decided to escalate the issue. Read more

New ‘welfare-focused’ approach for DWP attendance management
Following consultation with PCS negotiators a new attendance management approach for DWP has been introduced from 3 April 2018,. The new arrangements, set out in the new policy, procedures and advice products, intend to deliver a welfare-focused approach for managing attendance sensitively so that warnings will only be issued where necessary, rather than being the preferred way, of achieving satisfactory attendance. Read more

AOs in jobcentres, staffing issues
Back in 2016 the DWP ran voluntary exit schemes, primarily for AOs in jobcentres. Unsurprisingly this group of low paid and underappreciated workers readily accepted the offer and over 2,000 AOs left the jobcentre network. Read more

Working Age Directorate – More staff not fewer
GEC negotiators have been pushing for the resources that we need across the department to deliver quality services to the public. The sudden decision to stop recruitment and announce that the contracts of our-ixed term appointment members would not be extended came as a shock to many given the huge backlogs of work. Read more

Digital members out in the cold
Nearly 12 months on from learning of plans by the digital group to reorganise the locations it delivers its services from, members there are still awaiting redeployment to new posts. Ian Wilkinson explains how digital members have been impacted. Read more

Voice feedback – your Letters
Read letters we received following the first digital edition of Voice.

DWP Annual Report
A shortened version of our annual report is attached. This report covers the work of the DWP GEC over the last year and is available to all members so you can see what has been done by your elected representatives.

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