Working Age Directorate – More staff not fewer

PCS has challenged the assumption that there are enough staff in the department and will continue to campaign for the extra staffing we need and to save the jobs of the FTAs. This would clearly have a big impact everywhere but especially in the Working Age Directorate where 10% of the staff are FTAs. There is no way that we can afford to lose 10% of the staff on top of the numbers who are already planning to leave and retire.

We are encouraging everyone to help take part in this campaigning by supporting meetings that are called at workplaces. We want to continue to put maximum pressure on senior DWP management to shout out that enough is enough in terms of pressure of workloads and the need to increase staffing levels. And also to challenge the micro-management that often seems to accompany this.

What can you do?

We want members in WAD to report to your local union reps any instances of how things are being managed, what you are told to do in your job, monitoring of stats etc that interferes with your ability to deliver the services to the public. These issues can be challenged locally and escalated to GEC negotiators as necessary to get sorted.
We will continue to argue that taking more and more staff off processing to deal with the increase in calls is damaging the services to the public.  It only results in more calls as the public need to repeatedly ring and ring and complain until their case is sorted. The best public service is for our members to have enough staff on teams and the time to get up to date with the work and avoid the need for the claimants to ring us in the first place. Where our members who are trained processors are taking calls then it is a much better service to deal with the case there and then and get it sorted as a once and done process.

All our members can help get involved with the PCS staffing campaign and encourage your colleagues to as well. If there are any staff on your team not in the union then encourage them to join PCS as the more of us in the union the stronger we are.

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