Voice Issue 3 2018

Welcome to issue 3 of the voice for 2018. My name is Sarah Spencer, and I have recently taken over the role as editor. I have worked in DWP for almost 10 years, and I have been a member of the DWP GEC for 3 years, and my roles include group editor, and group young members’ officer. Read more

President's Column
Fran Heathcote, DWP Group President shares her thoughts on the recent pay ballot and how consulting with members will strengthen PCS’s position. Read more

Apprentices getting fair treatment
Throughout the civil service there are increasing numbers of civil servants who have started their career as Apprentices.  PCS understands the importance of supporting these new members of staff as they start their civil service careers and to demonstrate the importance and benefit of joining a trade union. Read more

IN DEPTH: Pay – the campaign goes on in DWP
The recent statutory ballot result came as a disappointment to many members and activists within PCS. None more so than in DWP, where unprecedented levels of activity had taken place throughout the ballot to engage with members and convince them to vote for strike action. This in-depth article covers an overview of pay on a national level, DWP pay and what happens next. Read more

Staying put when members unite
Local rep Amanda Wilson reports back on how sticking together and using the strength of PCS gets results. Read more

No clear future for transitional sites
PCS continues to campaign to keep transitional sites open.  Charles Law, PCS industrial officer covers the issues facing our members and the GEC’s ongoing commitment to oppose these closures. Read more

Future risk to DWP sites
The early closure of a DWP office in Lichfield has come about due to the landlord of the property unexpectedly informing DWP that the lease would end on 31 March 2019 in order for the premises to be “redeveloped”. Martin Cavanagh, DWP group vice president outlines the potential impact on members. Read more

Successful North East Branch Merger
Within DWP, office closures and hub strategies have meant a certain amount of reorganisation and some branches may be considering merging or reorganising. Fran Heathcote, newly elected vice chair, DWP Tyneside & Northumbria explains how three branches in her area went through the merging process. Read more

Environmental concerns over Treforest site
Members in South East Wales were angry to hear that Rhondda Cynon Taf council granted planning permission to the DWP hub site in Treforest Industrial Estate. This is despite concerns being raised by Natural Resources Wales about the incremental flood risk resulting from the new building. There is a requirement on the developers to produce a flood emergency plan prior to the occupation of the site as part of the planning permission. Read more

Early Lichfield closure threatens redundancies
Child Maintenance Group (CMG) members of staff face possible redundancy due to DWP’s announcement on 13 September that they had started formal consultation with the unions over potential redundancies. This was a hammer blow to the staff affected at the Lichfield site as no vacancies have yet been found for them within mobility. Read more

To you, to me, UCB
Over the last 2 years UCB reporting has increased by 20% in operations but whilst we need to see a reduction in incidents it is good to see that reporting is rising. Why do we go on about Unacceptable Customer Behaviour (UCB)? Well let’s take an example. Read more

Increase to staff but still more needed
Following a concerted effort by the GEC across the department, agreement of the need for additional resources in a number of areas, including CMG, has been achieved. Read more

Voice feedback – your letters
Letters received following the second ddigital edition of the Voice. Read more

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