Apprentices getting fair treatment

PCS has made a number of agreements both with the Cabinet Office and with the various Departments, including DWP, in order to ensure that Apprentices are fairly treated at work. This agreement will provide the training and support that they need to give them the best prospects for success in the civil service.

As part of the apprenticeships agreement that PCS has secured from Cabinet Office, there is a requirement to provide a minimum of 20% off-the-job training. This is in order to give them the necessary time to undertake the learning and development which is a central part of the apprenticeship scheme.

In DWP PCS has successfully challenged the employer on numerous occasions where the reality has not matched the stated intention, and where the department has either fallen short of providing the required time or sought to include parts of the normal role in the 20%.

PCS has also successfully argued for hundreds of Apprentices to be made permanent and secured their future in the department. This has ensured that the training they’ve undertaken, the experience they’ve gained and the energy and ideas that they bring are not lost to the DWP.

PCS will continue to hold the department to account and ensure that our Apprentices are treated fairly and that they have a long term future in the department.  We call on all of our current members to speak to new recruits about the benefit of being part of a strong, vibrant, campaigning union like PCS, as we fight for their rights and their future in the civil service and in DWP. 

Every new member strengthens our position when we negotiate with the department, or the government on everything from training, departmental policies and recruitment to pay, pensions and rights at work.

Help make PCS a stronger, more representative union, because together we are stronger.

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