Staying put when members unite

Amanda was asked by CFCD members in Washington for support as they were concerned about a relocation programme to Houghton. Amanda and Marie McDonough met with management on 1 August 2018 to establish what the impact would be on staff, checking among other things that an equality impact assessment had been complet

Eight weeks further on and after no further communications Amanda wrote to management asking for further information,explaining that the members at Washington were happy to be at their normal place of work but anxious to know the long-term plans.

Management responded stating that they had reflected and decided that it was not the right time to take forward any relocation as there is quite a lot of change happening within CFCD. They went on to state that the plans were developed some time ago, since then things had changed significantly and that the plans for the move would be closed down as they were now out of date.

Management also went on to confirm that should they consider any moves in the future they would start afresh and invoke formal trade union consultation at the earliest opportunity

Members at Washington responded with thanks to all concerned, stating that it was a weight off their minds and they were delighted.

When asked about the outcome for these members Amanda stated “This was down to these members sticking together and getting the result they wanted. That is what being in a union is all about UNITY!”

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