To you, to me, UCB

That phone call you just took where the customer shouted at you and used inappropriate language and you brushed it off as being part of the job? That customer will not receive any warning that this is not OK and has just been given the all-clear that he can now go into any DWP office and do the same thing to one of your colleagues face to face.

This is not a scare tactic and we want all members to think about how not taking an action impacts on their colleagues. The above example actually links into an incident a while ago where a customer phoned up, was abusive and was not reported on the UCB system. This same customer was then subsequently visited at his home and your colleague was held hostage in this customer’s home for several hours. If the UCB had been done then the likelihood would have been that the customer would not have been visited at home alone.

Keep your eyes and ears open and make sure you encourage your colleagues to report incidents. Managers must give you time away from your normal role in order to report these and if that is not happening make sure you inform your local rep.

Every member of staff should have set up a shortcut to the report form on their desk top so they can access the report form quickly. There is also a quick link to the health and safety homepage on the front page of the intranet.

Health and safety is everybody’s responsibility, make sure it’s yours.

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