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PCS members vent their anger over pay and sanctions. Any contributions to the DWP voice or to have your say on what’s happening can be sent to the following email: dwpeditor@pcs.org.uk

Another year of a next to nothing increase! So we have all now seen the conclusion of what passes for pay negotiations these days and as usual, I like many others feel let down. I understand the frustration people feel but I don’t understand those that choose to blame PCS like it was somehow the union’s fault that the department did not ask the treasury for more money or that the department decided to spend most of what it had on those in higher grades rather than share it equally. What frustrates me most though is that we really had a chance to make a stand and try to make them listen but less than half of us took that chance.  
Name withheld

Recently in a team meeting our manager announced some changes to the way sanctions are delivered in our job centres. Everyone was up in arms about these changes but when we protested our manager said ”it’s been agreed with the union”. It didn’t sound right to me so I checked with my PCS rep who confirmed it had not been agreed with PCS and in fact it hadn’t even been discussed with the union! I’d urge all union members that if something seems dodgy it probably hasn’t been agreed by PCS so always check with your rep!
GB Liverpool

I just heard the news on pay for education etc. While I support their pay increase I am absolutely livid that DWP and Civil Service are still pay capped. It may interest the government that I suffer from mental illness but still work hard for DWP, but had to leave on flexi today because Universal Credit Full Service is currently a shambles in my area. Overworked, understaffed, underpaid and stressed!
Name withheld

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