Accidents at work - keep us Informed

Following the change of contract to Sodexo new processes have been put into place for staff, managers and external contracts in how we deal with health and safety. PCS has been in discussions with management regarding numerous areas of concern including moves, the existing estate and failures to plan and consult accordingly with trade union health and safety sides.

With the change of contract from Trillium to Sodexo, PCS has seen a significant drop in the number of incidents, accidents and UCB information being reported to your reps. We need everyone to be aware of the new process so we can ensure that our members our working in the safest possible environments.

Following the link to health and safety on the front page of the intranet gives you instant access to the reporting pages for accidents and near misses (SOARS), recording unacceptable customer behaviour (UCB) and accessing training and risk assessments (TARAHS). These are your main points for health and safety.

One of the changes that has now been made on SOARS is that you have to make sure you change the drop down on the last question to say yes to have your TU rep notified. If this is not done then PCS reps are not provided with any information. Additionally, when the accident or the near miss is recorded you will be sent an email which you have to forward onto your health and safety rep, PCS reps do not receive these automatically from Sodexo. Due to this change PCS reps are not aware of what is happening locally and without this information we are unable to challenge management over the impact this has on our members.

That’s why If you have any concerns over any area regarding health, safety and welfare find out who your local health and safety rep is and make sure you let them know.

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