Rest up over the festive period

PCS has gathered the data of the DWP wellness survey to find that many of our members are suffering real fatigue.  We know that just 54% wake in the morning feeling fresh and rested which means that 46% are already tired by the time they get to work. The number that are too tired after work to perform any other activities or partake in their home life is 49%, with over 50% telling the employer they are struggling with deteriorating mental health.    

From daily travel to technical issues, from angry clients to sad clients and too many calls, most of what our members encounter in a working day will create stress, and a build-up can make our work life unbearable and have a detrimental effect on home life and relationships. Depending on our lifestyle, this will be worse for some than others, but for every member of staff, taking a proper break away from our working life is extremely important.

A few day’s rest then will not only help reduce the physical aspects of work stress, such as back-ache, shoulder pain, and headaches, but will also prevent what can so easily become mental exhaustion; so whether you love the festive season or not, and there are many that would rather hide in a cave until it’s passed, this is the perfect time to catch up on some extremely necessary rest and relaxation.

As resting helps reduce aches and pains, having enough sleep brings further health benefits. Allowing the body to regenerate and clear out waste, sleep also allows for regulation of the functions that control mood, appetite, our cognitive ability and energy levels. The right amount of sleep can also aid weight control by allowing the body to regulate sugar levels and might also to help reduce risk of health issues such as diabetes.
So, rest matters, and sleep is vitally important to maintain a healthy you.

According again to the DWP survey, just three of every five employees were found to be resilient; this means that just 70% of staff have a positive mental attitude, whilst 30% of us do not.  As PCS members we know we need to be at the top of our game, we need to be wide awake and ready for anything. We’ve had more than enough thrown at us over the years so knowing what we know now, we can use our time off to build our resilience and our concentration levels; we can become healthier, stronger, more productive.

So, when you leave the office for the holiday period, switch off work when you switch off the computer, and don’t think about it again until you return. Take yourself home with a promise to yourself that you will take time to rest and fully recuperate, to return resilient, and ready for action in the new year.

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