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Dear Fran,
Please let me say thank you for all the work you have done for me during my compulsory redundancy journey.

I know that you and your PCS colleagues Charles Law, Robin Nicholl and Jerry Crowley did everything you could to secure me a job.

As you know I have now left DWP with my dignity intact. I have been in touch with the independent case examiner regarding my ‘Waspi’ case to update them with my current position of being made compulsory redundant by DWP and am awaiting their response.

I am now unemployed with 2 years and 7 months to go before I receive my state pension. I would have preferred to have carried on working for the DWP until then, but fete has taken its hand.
Thank you again
Kind Regards
Cynthia Cain


Under the people and locations strategy, over 750 staff were originally declared at risk of redundancy. PCS worked tirelessly alongside DWP to try to get all those staff what they wanted, and through a combination of voluntary exit and redeployment opportunities, we were able to reduce the figure from over 750 at risk down to two, both at Old Tree Court in Plymouth, ironically a site that was not actually closing.

Of the remaining two members, one, Rebecca, was eventually found work in the VOA. The other member, Cynthia Cain, is also what is known as a ‘WASPI woman’ under Tory changes to pensions legislation, the government has deemed she must work longer before being entitled to state pension, while her employer, DWP, has said that there was no job available to her, despite being an experienced benefit processor in a site that was not closing.

Cynthia was offered postings outside her mobility and due to a combination of caring responsibilities and personal circumstances, was unable to take up the postings offered.
PCS has a proud record of avoiding a single compulsory redundancy by working closely with DWP to ensure that everyone at risk who wanted a job was redeployed. Unfortunately, DWP was not able or willing to find a post for Cynthia and were unwilling to overbear by one in order to allow Cynthia to remain in a job, even though overtime continues to be regularly worked in the role she vacated.  

PCS believes that this was short-sighted and totally avoidable but wishes Cynthia all the best for the future.  

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