Attendance Management & Workplace Adjustments Passports

19 Jul 2018

For members with disabilities or other health conditions.

New approach for attendance management

DWP has introduced a new attendance management approach following consultation with PCS, from 3 April 2018.

Health & Attendance Improvement Meeting (H&AIM)

The Health & Attendance Improvement Meeting (H&AIM) has been introduced to emphasise that the focus of the meeting should be about the employee’s wellbeing and improvement, not about warnings. There is a reduced emphasis on warnings so that it will always be a final consideration for the manager to decide whether there are reasonable grounds to issue a warning. This Briefing is intended to raise awareness that the completion or review of a Workplace Adjustments Passport can be an effective measure to include at the H&AIM to support members with disabilities or health conditions.

Workplace Adjustments Passport

A Workplace Adjustments Passport can be an effective support for members with disabilities, health conditions or other barriers so that the risk of workplace related absences may be reduced if not eliminated. Also, where there has been disability related sickness absence the completion or review of a Workplace Adjustments Passport could help a line manager to conclude that a warning is not required as the up to date supportive measures documented in the Passport provide a reasonable expectation of improvement.

  • The Passport will be particularly helpful when the employee changes line manager, as it will help the new line manager to understand what workplace adjustments the employee had been receiving previously and avoid the need to begin the process again.
  • It is important to remember that the Passport belongs to the employee and it is for the employee to provide their new line manager with a copy of the Passport.

The passport and guidance has recently been reviewed to make sure it is up-to-date and supports individuals and line managers in identifying appropriate workplace adjustments.

DWP guidance for completion of the passport

DWP guidance for the Workplace Adjustments Passport is published on the DWP Intranet. The employee should complete their personal details in the box provided, with as much detail as they feel is appropriate, and the information they wish their line manager to know about.

Line managers have a responsibility to ensure that anyone wishing to complete the Passport is given adequate official time to do so to meet their needs. The employee should then give a copy to their line manager and arrange to meet to discuss the details.

PCS support and advice

When supporting members with disabilities or other health conditions under Attendance Management Procedures PCS Representatives should access the DWP guidance for the Workplace Adjustments Passport.  Discuss completion or review of a Passport with the member to support their case.

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