BFD/CCD Dispute - Further Improvements Gained

17 Mar 2010

Management have today announced that three of the 14 BDCs that were scheduled to transfer into CCD will now remain as BDCs.

The three sites are:

Birmingham Perry Barr

This will be extremely welcome news for PCS members in these three sites. PCS has spent months urging management to re-think their proposals for this transfer. It was only the threat of members in the BDCs taking industrial action that led to management agreeing to negotiate seriously with PCS on the transfer. This in turn has led to today’s management announcement conceding that they had to change their original plans.

PCS welcomes the announcement at the three sites above. However we believe that there is scope to review the transfer proposals further and we continue to argue for all the transfer sites to retain processing work as they move into telephony work. Management have agreed to further discussions on this issue.

Improvements to the transfer process

Management have also published today the details of the improvements that PCS has secured to date relating to how the transfer from BDC to CCD will take place in the remaining 11 sites. Details of these improvements are detailed in ‘News from the GEC’ on the DWP section of the PCS website on 12 March. They include a commitment not to declare any AAs surplus as a result of the transfer and also offer members greater choice about whether they transfer into CCD. They also include a clear commitment that no one is ‘locked in’ to the transfer. We welcome management’s decision to publicise these improvements now and thus to provide members with the information and reassurances they need.

Negotiations to Continue

While the improvements to the transfer and the removal of three sites are welcome the overall situation now is not enough for PCS to end the dispute. We are focusing on securing improved working conditions for all members who transfer into CCD and our members currently working in CCD. We will continue to argue for co-location of processing with telephony work as we continue to see that model as the most effective for the business and most beneficial for our members.

Replacing the Business Rules

Crucial discussions with management are continuing on a new Standard Operating Approach to replace the CCD Business Rules. Specifically we are concentrating on securing full access to flexi-time and improved terms and conditions across CCD. As well as achieving greater access to flexitime we are also seeking more flexible arrangements how lunch and tea breaks are arranged. Management have also agreed to publicise the levels of tolerance to ‘breaches’ of the schedules and a new approach to maximising numbers on annual leave. These discussions have not concluded, while management insist on piloting the changes before coming to any agreement. These pilots are scheduled to start soon and more details on these will be communicated once the detail is clearer.

Real Progress Achieved

The determination of members to stand together has led to the improvements we have secured so far and we are confident that further gains can be made. PCS remains committed to resolving the dispute through negotiations if at all possible. To that end we will continue to consult our members in the 11 remaining transfer sites to seek their views and to ensure that our future negotiations reflect their key issues and concerns.

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