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04 Jan 2018

PCS negotiators met with senior CFCD management on 18 December 2017 to discuss a number of issues.

Grading issues

Local Service Investigations (LSI)

In December 2017 PCS issued a letter of intent to pursue legal action against the department in respect of the JEGS exercise undertaken. The employer has requested an extension to the date of response to this. This has been agreed and a formal response will be required by 20 January 2018.  PCS will update members as soon as more information is received.

Financial Investigations Unit (FIU)

PCS recently held a telekit with members regarding the offer received by management for the role of AFI/Confiscator.  We participated in an initial telekit with management, as they had not followed their own procedures and consulted PCS before issuing an offer to staff.  However since then we have not received a renewed offer.  We did receive confirmation that completing the Appendix B form for the promotion did not give confirmation that members were accepting the offer in regard to the pay issues.

Management informed staff that they would be discussing this with PCS at our meeting, but at that meeting we were informed that a renewed offer was not ready, and they will contact us in the New Year to meet again.

PCS understands the frustration that members are feeling and we will continue to raise your views and update you as soon as possible.

PCS also acknowledges the disappointment from other members in the roles within FIU that were not re-graded at a higher grade following the JEGS exercise.  If any member feels that the process was not carried as per policy, please raise with your local PCS reps who can escalate it to the PCS negotiators at

Higher Investigation Leads (HILs)

Alongside this PCS has been pushing for the employer to evaluate the grading of the roles in FIU and CCIS, of Higher Investigation Leaders (HILs).

CFCD management have agreed that the HILs role will be subject to the grading policy and that again PCS will be fully involved in this process. As previously requested PCS called for this to be undertaken urgently at the meeting with management on Monday 18th December 2017 but the employer again stated that their priority is to look at the grading in sequence and complete the FIU Job evaluation and grading exercise before undertaking any further grading activity.  The employer has agreed that when the grading exercise is undertaken PCS will again be fully involved in the evidence gathering and the scoring of the JAFs. In the meantime HILs have been awarded the Responsibility Allowance.

Authorised Officer TDA payment

In September 2017 PCS informed management of our members’ views of the offer issued to them in regard to the amount that they had stated they were paying to staff who carried out this role.  PCS strongly disagreed with the offer and requested that this be re visited.

At the meeting in December, management confirmed that they were not changing the terms that have previously been issued.  They confirmed that they have submitted the business case to the Treasury for payment.  Once this has been received management will go ahead with making the payments – this is likely to be in February 2018.

PCS disagrees with the basis of the management decision to only consider a partial 30% TDA payment to members as management regard members as having only an element of their work in the higher grade.  We will continue to consult members on how PCS can explore all opportunities to progress this issue.

New Organisational Structure

CFCD are currently changing their structure to have a more geographical based management structure. This should make it easier to give support to staff who are working across a large number of sites.

PCS branches have raised concerns about a hubs strategy for CFCD. Senior management confirmed to PCS that there is no hubs strategy in CFCD.  They also confirmed that they have developed a more proactive approach within the networks to ensure that the needs of CFCD are recognised with the impact of the office closures. This is especially important as our members are working on a lot of sites where CFCD is the minor occupier.


Management are currently looking at the resources required for the next financial year. CFCD have been proactive in redeploying staff and have taken 150 staff affected by the office closures into the directorate.  There will be further discussion with PCS about the staffing requirements in CFCD in the New Year

Due to the PLP there are currently members within NINOs who are unassigned, these numbers are low. Some staff have decided to take the offer of voluntary redundancy and some want to be redeployed.  PCS is in weekly meetings with management from PLP to find solutions for members.


PCS concerns have been recognised in management’s review of targets/MELS.  Management are looking at what does actually need to be measured and how this will be done to get the right outcomes.  They have recognised that a focus on targets has driven some perverse behaviour. There will be consultation on this and PCS will keep members updated with any progress.

Management are keeping a close eye on the work volumes in NINOs as the demand has significantly dropped. PCS has regular consultation with the NINO management and we will keep members updated.

Compliance Work Study

PCS raised the concerns that the overview of the Compliance Work Study stated there would be a reduction of 90 staff.  Management have confirmed that there will be no change to the resources for this work in the allocation for 17/18. Management are now looking at the whole process about how the work can be done better with less double handling.  Any changes in the process will be properly evaluated and there will be consultation with PCS about staffing levels that would be required for any new process.

CFCD are currently recruiting for the on-going Proof of Concept.  An expression of interest advert was issued earlier this week for the Change Advocate Role. PCS have written to management to request an extension to the closing date for applications of 3rd January 2018, which we believe does not take into account the annual leave staff will be taking over the Festive Leave period, or p/t and term time working patterns.  An update will be issued as soon as a reply is received.

Health and Safety

PCS and management have agreed to set up a specific CFCD H&S committee.  At present the Operations H&S committee structure is being reviewed, but in the meantime if you have any issues relating to H&S please raise these with your local PCS H&S reps.

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