Child Maintenance Group Job Evaluation and Grading outcome

20 Sep 2018

Following feedback from PCS members the union has worked with the Child Maintenance Group leadership in order to ascertain the correct grading for the caseworker roles. Member's concerns about the levels of responsibility, complexity of the work and the high workloads led to the agreement to undertake an analysis of the role.

In order to ensure that the full range of these roles were evaluated, members were included from all areas and their contribution has shown that the overall duties in each of the roles is broadly similar in all of the areas.

Grading confirmed

The grading exercise has concluded that the roles at both AO and EO grade are correctly graded and the scores were well within the grade boundary.  Members may be surprised at the outcome, given the complexity of the role, however, PCS were included in the grading and scoring process and are satisfied that the process was correctly undertaken by the department.

Workloads too high

PCS does however remain convinced that the members within CMG have too high a workload and that further staff, in addition to those already brought in, are needed to alleviate the pressure that members are experiencing.

PCS recognises that members will be disappointed with this outcome and we will continue to raise the concerns of members with the CMG leadership and will push for extra staff to be brought in to support the existing workforce, as well as for current fixed-term appointments to be made permanent.



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