Child Maintenance Group Site Closures

15 Mar 2019

CMG had previously informed staff working on legacy CSA schemes that the CMG presence at their site was likely to end when the work on these schemes ends in early 2020.

DWP has today announced what its current plans are for the CMG staff on these sites:

  • Barnsley – Staff to be redeployed to DSDRD
  • Birmingham Fiveways - Staff to be redeployed to DSDRD pending the move to the new Birmingham Hub
  • Birmingham Ravenhurst - Staff to be retained on CMG work pending the move to the new Birmingham Hub
  • Peel Park - Staff to be redeployed to DSDRD
  • Burnley - Staff to be redeployed to Pensions
  • Cannock - Staff already redeployed
  • Kirkcaldy - Staff to remain in CMG on other CMG work. There is a lease break on this site in 2023.
  • Stockport - Staff to be redeployed to UC
  • Taunton - Staff to be redeployed to CFCD
  • Gravesend - No immediate redeployment proposals. 30 staff affected
  • Pontefract - No immediate redeployment proposals. 9 staff affected

It is welcome that DWP is able to redeploy the majority of these staff. However it is a concern that there are no redeployment solution for the members in Gravesend and Pontefract. Members there will be holding 1 to 1 meetings where they can discuss their options.

Members should be aware that the employer has confirmed that the members who opted in to the Employee Deal will still be able to use the mobility policy that applied to them  before the Employee deal concerning any future transfers resulting from this announcement. For opted out members there was no change to their mobility policy when Employee Deal was introduced.

PCS will be engaging with management to ensure that suitable redeployment options are provided for all members affected by this announcement.

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