Child Maintenance Group Working patterns

20 Mar 2019

CMG announced at the beginning of March that it is withdrawing the CMG working pattern supplementary guidance. The withdrawal of the guidance will bring CMG into line with the rest of DWP.

PCS vehemently opposed the introduction of the guidance at the time, which put members in CMG in a less favourable position compared to other members in the Department and have continued to call for their withdrawal.

PCS have raised concerns over a protracted period regarding these restrictions, including the cases of many of our members who have been unable to either review their working pattern or apply for part-time hours due to these restrictions. We are sure members will join PCS in warmly welcoming the decision to address this longstanding inconsistency within DWP.

Members’ working patterns will now be decided based on the merits and individual circumstances of the situation as should always have been the case.

Please encourage any non-members to join PCS and help strengthen your union, campaigning for your interests at work.

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