CMG Employee Deal Rotation 7

08 Nov 2019

The group excutive committee (GEC) negotiators have discussed the planned approach to E/D Rotation 7 with CMG Senior leaders.

General Workforce Manager (GWFM)

CMG have told the GEC that following the trial of the use of General Workforce Manager (GWFM) to record members' working patterns that they intend to roll this out and for all members to be asked to use this for the next rotation.

The GEC has highlighted members' concerns, including the amount of time this process takes, and the worry that the patterns recorded may be used incorrectly to hold members to the times submitted at their non-fixed end of the day.

No change to non-fixed end of the day or Assumed Consent

CMG are aware of these concerns and have undertaken to ensure that there is no confusion that members only put in their times for planning purposes at their non-fixed end of the day and that there will be no attempt to enforce this or to undermine or affect members access to Assumed Consent at the non-fixed end of the day.

CMG have acknowledged that there has been feedback about the time taken to input the details into GWFM and are accepting that this will have an effect on the amount of time that member have available to process cases, take calls etc. and have decided that they will proceed with the use of GWFM. Members should speak to their local branch if there are problems arising from the use of GWFM so they can be highlighted to the GEC for further discussions.

Preferences not prescription for fixed working hours

The GEC negotiators have also made clear to CMG, as we have at every rotation, that there should be no restriction on what members input as their preferences. Members should put down the hours that they wish to work in the first instance in order that requirements for cover are met by consent wherever possible. Team discussions should then be undertaken in order to seek an agreed way to achieve cover requirements again by agreement and consent.

Only after these steps have been taken and the required cover has still not been achieved should there be any consideration of asking people to change their commitments and even then the individual’s circumstances should be considered along with the safeguards within the Employee Deal which may mean that individuals cannot cover start-times, end-times, Saturdays, etc.

Any members experiencing any issues should again speak to their local branch for support in resolving any concerns in the first instance.


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