CMG Employee Experience Workshops

01 Jun 2018

PCS has received consistent reports regarding the levels of stress experienced by members in CMG and has raised these with the CMG Director in consultation meetings.

As a result of this CMG management have agreed to set up workshops for staff in all of the CMG areas and in Scotland in June and July to identify and address the causes of stress for our members, and look at their experience of working for CMG.  These will include a pilot of the workshops in two sites, Leicester and Birkenhead.  The GEC welcomes the opportunity for our members to identify where there are issues which are negatively affecting their experience in the workplace and to work with CMG to find ways to make improvements.

Branch involvement

At each of the workshops local TUS will be invited to be involved in the workshops and will be given a slot to talk about the issues that members have raised with the branches in the area.  Local branches are encouraged to speak to members and other local and area reps in advance and to take an active part in these workshops and ensure that members concerns are discussed in the workshop in order to help identify any trends and to seek any opportunities to find improvements for our members.

These workshops have come about as PCS has highlighted the concerns that our members face, so we urge branches to use this opportunity to ensure that members’ experiences at work are accurately reflected.  This is a real chance to ensure that our members have their say about what it is like to work in CMG and to tackle the issues which are causing them to feel stressed at work and to find ways to make a real difference for our members.

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