CMG Financial Investigation Unit

02 Nov 2017

In October CMG management told PCS of its intentions regarding Financial Investigation Unit staff. Management advised that a number of the staff within CMG Financial Investigation Unit had been offered the opportunity to undertake a professional qualification which was required for the FIU role and that a number of those members had turned down the training.

PCS was advised that they did so on the understanding that this was a required qualification for the role and in electing not to undertake the qualification that they were aware that they would be electing to be redeployed to other roles within CMG.

PCS questioned the training for the qualification and was told that it was an externally provided residential training course lasting 8 weeks. We were advised that many of the members had turned down the opportunity to undertake the training as a result of their home commitments.

PCS has called upon the employer to offer these members the opportunity to reconsider their decision should they now wish to undertake the training, if they wanted to remain in the role. CMG management agreed to our request.

PCS also sought agreement that management would undertake discussions with the training provider to seek the training being provided on a more flexible basis. We argued that this would be a reasonable adjustment for members with requirements that prevent them undertaking the course on a full-time basis.  CMG management agreed to seek agreement on this with the training provider.

If members in FIU have received a different message, or if they would like to undertake the training and remain in their role, they should speak to their line manager and seek support from their local branch rep to accompany them to any 1-2-1 discussions on the matter.

If there are any problems you should flag them up with your local representative who can escalate to group office if required.

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