Combined Sites: Identifying Different Directorates

11 Nov 2020

The feedback received about the current safety campaigns shows that some jobcentres which should have been included in the consultative ballot were not, because they occupied a portion of a larger back of house office which was not one of the 21 service centres included in the ballot. This meant in some cases that the whole workplace, jobcentre & back of house area was listed under one workplace code and therefore not included in the ballot.

In order to avoid this issue causing an impact in the future, branches are asked to take the following actions:

1) Check the names of their workplaces on PCS Digital to ensure that they are up to date with current DWP terminology. If any updates are required, branches should e-mail with the details of the changes.

2) Where branches have a combined site, discuss what option is best for the branch out of the following:

  1. Requesting “work unit” codes are set up on PCS Digital so that the pre-existing workplace code can be subdivided into relevant sections.
  2. Requesting that a new workplace code is set up for a portion of the workplace, and that all relevant members are transferred into the new workplace code.

Both requests would similarly need to be sent to the inbox.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to go about doing this, so which option to choose is very much down to branch choice. Creating a new workplace code makes it more obvious to GEC members and full time officers where there is a combined site, bearing in mind the sheer size of the group. This might be particularly useful where a jobcentre occupies the ground floor of a site. However, it is possible to subdivide a single workplace into too many workplace codes, and work unit codes provide a good alternative. Branches may want to consider creating a new workplace code for a jobcentre, but work unit codes for the rest of a large site.

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