Compulsory Redundancies at Balham Service Centre

17 Jan 2020

DWP has this week issued compulsory redundancies notices to two members of staff at the Balham service centre, one AO and one AA.  

PCS has made clear to management our complete opposition to the use of compulsory redundancies and will continue to do everything we can to avoid their use in DWP. Both of these individuals are PCS members. The redundancy notice period runs for six months.

The closure of Balham service centre was announced last year due to the landlord ending the lease. As a result DWP had to close the Balham office. But their subsequent decision not to retain the work at an alternative location in the South London area put at risk all of the jobs of the staff located there.

Of the 228 staff who were based at Balham at the time of the closure announcement, 92 have been redeployed, leaving only two at risk of compulsory redundancy. The rest of the 228 have already left the department, mostly via voluntary exits or voluntary redundancy.

Until as late as last week it looked likely that more members would be issued with a compulsory redundancy notice. But PCS was successful at the last minute in persuading DWP to redeploy at risk staff into local job centres thereby avoiding further compulsory redundancies. Additionally posts were found at the last minute for two of the staff who were due to leave on voluntary redundancy on 31 December 2019.

PCS has worked hard to secure redeployment for as many members as possible at Balham and will continue to do so for the six months’ compulsory redundancy notice period.

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