Coronavirus: Annual Leave Update

09 Apr 2020

DWP have recently issued revised guidance which brings a detrimental change for those that have been awarded Special Leave with Pay (SLWP) during the Covid19 period. 

The cap that was lifted to enable staff to take accrued leave throughout the 12 month period following the end of the leave year, has now been replaced for those that have needed to take SLWP.  This guidance puts a requirement on staff that have disabilities, underlying conditions, and caring responsibilities to take accrued leave within the leave year.

PCS is disappointed that as talks with Cabinet Office have not yet concluded, this guidance has been issued ahead of the close of national negotiations on annual leave, and we will raise all of the concerns that our members have brought immediately with DWP.

The group executive committee assures you that throughout this time of worry and uncertainty, your union is still keeping ahead of the game. We are working around the clock to ensure your needs are met and your health and safety protected – that is our main priority.

Should you have any concerns, please raise them with your local rep, if you cannot find a rep, contact your regional office via the website.

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