Don’t be App-rehensive

01 Apr 2019

A message to all DWP branches from DWP group president Fran Heathcote.

We are asking all DWP branches to consider using the app to keep their branch records updated with who has voted in the pay ballot. It is dead simple to use, I can vouch for this as I have been using it unaided and I am by no means an IT whiz!!

It should be shared by as many BEC members and advocates as possible, alongside any pay volunteers that your branch has, and ask everyone to keep updating it every time a member tells you that they have voted. It doesn’t matter how many of us use it at once.

You can search for members by workplace, by forename and by surname. If someone is showing in red, it means that we don’t have personal contact details for them. If you update this info on the app, their name will turn black.

You are given a running total with the percentage of members that have voted in your branch, remember, it’s crucial in this ballot that more than 50% of our members vote this time around.

Channel your ‘inner nerd’

A bit like during like the direct debit campaign, when some of us became ‘sign-up nerds’ with highlighter pens and complicated spreadsheets, the app makes ‘nerdiness’ simple. It’s addictive and you will become interested to see what percentage of your members have told us they have voted and it’s also a really good way of updating your membership records. If a member doesn’t show up in the correct workplace, you can take steps to find them and move them in.

 Our records tell us that some DWP branches are not using the app, the problem with this is twofold. Firstly it means that the branch cannot tell with any accuracy which of their members have voted and which members they need to speak to. Secondly, it means that as the national union runs their data, they cannot tell how well DWP are doing as a group and what areas we need to focus on to smash the 50% threshold.

If you need help with it, or you are nervous about using it, please get in touch, either with the PCS FTO allocated to your branch, with the PCS Leeds office or drop me a line at and I would be happy to support anyone with getting your members’ records updated.

Remember, it is in all of our interests to beat the threshold and encourage our members to vote, which in turn will strengthen our negotiating position in all other areas as well. Working together, we can do this.

Our members deserve better pay and getting our members voting in this pay ballot is a crucial step to achieving that.

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