DWP Announce Delay in Paying 2018 Pay Increases

07 Jun 2018

DWP has advised PCS that they will not be able to pay any 2018 pay increases on time.

Whilst we acknowledge that DWP do not yet have the 2018 pay guidance from the Treasury, meaning that we have not yet been able to begin negotiating pay for those who are not covered by Employee Deal, we do not believe that this should impact on those increases that were already agreed in 2016, as part of the deal, and that members are entitled to receive in July.

Even though we are demanding that DWP revisits the Employee Deal increases, and looks at pay for those outside it, there is no reason why, in the meantime, it could not pay the previously agreed increases that our members are expecting to receive in their July pay packets.

PCS have submitted a claim for a 5% increase across the Civil Service, and our demand in DWP is that this is paid on top of anything already agreed as part of the Employee Deal. Members who opted out of the deal have only seen a miserly 0.25% increase, and grades SEO and above have seen a continuation of the 1% cap, or even less, in their 2016 and 2017 increases. In addition a number of others have not seen the benefits of ED. However, many of those included in the deal have only seen rises a little above 1%, and inflation has increased significantly since the deal was signed.

ALL our members deserve a rise that keeps pace with the rest of the Civil Service and that goes some way to catch up on the losses suffered due to years of pay restraint in the public sector. Everyone should vote YES for action in the national pay ballot that will start on 18 June 2018.

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