DWP announces redundancies at Lichfield

13 Sep 2018

DWP have announced that 13 CMG staff at Lichfield office are formally at risk of redundancy and have commenced the Voluntary Redundancy process

This has come about due to the landlord of the Lichfield office unexpectedly informing DWP that the lease would end on 31 March 2019 in order for the premises to be redeveloped. Under the new, post-Prime leases it is easier for landlords to do this than it was under Prime.

The Lichfield office contains a job centre and also housed around 50 CMG back of house staff. DWP has secured alternative premises in Lichfield for the job centre staff but this new office will not have the capacity to house the CMG staff.

Since the closure was announced in April, DWP has successfully found redeployment for the majority of the CMG staff but there remain 13 staff who are outside of mobility for offices where current vacancies exist.

Due to the inability of DWP to redeploy these staff within their mobility they have now taken the decision to enter a formal redundancy situation. This was announced to the staff on 13 September.

PCS is extremely disappointed that DWP have decided to move to redundancies. We believe that an organisation of over 80,000 staff could, and should, be able to find roles within the mobility of such a small number of staff.

PCS will now use the formal redundancy consultation process to do everything in our power to ensure that DWP, or if necessary another government department, does offer these staff the opportunity to continue their careers in the civil service and avoids any compulsory redundancies.

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