DWP GEC Elections Update

03 May 2019

The Electoral Reform Service has now taken the necessary actions to contact all those members affected by the original errors with the DWP GEC ballot.

The errors made in the original ballot materials for the GEC positions resulted in one candidate being omitted from both the ballot paper and the election address booklet. A further candidate’s election address was also omitted from the election address booklet.

All those issued with a postal ballot paper will be sent a new ballot paper for the GEC positions by first class post today. These will also contain a first class reply envelope. We urge all members to vote in the GEC elections, using this new ballot paper. Any postal votes for the GEC positions made using the original ballot paper will not be counted.

All those members who voted on-line before the on-line corrections were made have been sent an e-mail, to the e-mail address they were originally contacted on, explaining this error with the ballot, and encouraging them to revisit the voting site and re-cast their votes.

If members who voted on-line choose not re-cast their vote, then the original vote will be retained and included in the count.

We apologise for this error, and urge everyone to take part in the democratic process of electing your representatives.

As previously notified the ballot will now close at 12 noon on Thursday 16 May 2019


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