DWP Group Elections on-line

25 Apr 2019

Get ready to vote online in the DWP Group Executive Committee elections from 25 April

Voting opens tomorrow Thursday 25 April in the PCS DWP Group elections and it’s vital for our union’s democracy that you use your vote and have your say to elect your union representatives in the DWP.  

With people using electronic devices every day to do all sorts of transactions and communicate, there is an increasing expectation that they should be able to vote electronically too.

You will receive an e-ballot paper to your personal email address held by the union.

The DWP Group elections open on Thursday 25 April and run until noon on Tuesday, 14 May.

Members who have provided PCS with a personal email will receive notices directly from the independent scrutineers the Electoral Reform Services (ERS) to this address, the email will be issued from pcs@electroralreform.co.uk and contain a direct link to the voting site and their two-part security code.

Postal ballots

Any members that have not provided PCS with a personal email address will receive, a ballot paper by post with a two-part security code so they can cast their vote, either online via the independent scrutineers' website, or by returning their completed ballot paper to the independent scrutineer using the pre-paid return envelope also enclosed.

Election addresses

Candidates’ election addresses can be read on the independent scrutineers’ website, and will also be available on the DWP Group pages of this website, additionally, members can request a hard copy or an alternative format by contacting the DWP Group office on 0113 200 5300 or Leeds@pcs.org.uk

Please Use Your Vote and Have your Say

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