DWP Union News - Weekly Bulletin 12

12 Feb 2010

The latest bulletin for members in DWP and CMEC.

All DWP PCS members should have received their Civil Service Compensation Scheme ballot paper by now. Don’t forget to use your vote to vote Yes to both questions and give the government the strongest possible message. If you have not received your ballot paper yet then contact your local PCS rep.

Members meetings are taking place in every branch during the ballot period to keep all members fully updated. A legal challenge has been mounted and arrangements are being made for every MP to be lobbied about our CSCS campaign. PCS is using all means necessary to get the improvements we all need on CSCS to protect our jobs and our rights.

DWP and CMEC Pay Claim Made for 2010

When the DWP Group GEC met yesterday they discussed the 2010 DWP and CMEC claim which will be lodged shortly with DWP and CMEC management. The pay claim will be based on the national PCS pay claim which aims to unify pay across the civil service – raising all rates and pay maximums to those of the highest paying departments. PCS has been pressing for the earliest possible start to pay talks in what will undoubtedly be a difficult pay round.

Fair Pay Needed

Pay in DWP and CMEC is too low, particularly given the pressures we all work under.
The latest NHS report published yesterday revealed that low pay is a real barrier to being able to afford a healthy lifestyle and consequently, low pay can knock up to seven years off life expectancy. Ending low pay in DWP and CMEC has to be one of our key priorities.

Real Progress Made in Contact Centre Talks

Following two weeks of intensive talks, good progress has been made towards settling the dispute involving 5,000 DWP members earmarked for compulsory transfer into CCD from 14 BDC sites.

PCS Stand Together for Further improvements

A meeting of PCS reps from the 14 sites was held this week. The reps welcomed the progress made so far but also made clear that members were still prepared to take strike action if necessary to protect their rights. Members are demanding choices and the continuation of their rights at work, especially the right to work flexibly.

Further Progress Needed

The DWP Group Executive met yesterday and received reports from the talks and members views at meetings and from the reps meeting. They concluded that as the talks were going well they should be allowed to continue for a further short period with the aim of producing a package of benefits for members that would settle the dispute in the 14 sites and improve Terms and conditions across the whole Contact Centre Directorate.

Together we can win

By sticking together and continuing to engage in talks it is hoped that CCD can be transformed into the kind of workplace that all hardworking PCS members deserve to work in.

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