DWP union news - weekly bulletin 13

19 Feb 2010

The latest bulletin for members in DWP and CMEC.

Flexible working is good for you

Talks are continuing to improve terms and conditions for all members in the Contact Centre Directorate and to resolve the dispute involving 5000 staff earmarked to be compulsorily transferred into CCD. One of the issues negotiations are concentrating on is getting agreed improvements to the FWH arrangements for all staff concerned including those who already work for CCD. As well as being very important to staff, flexi also benefits health, according to a study published by the BBC this week. The study showed that employees who had control over their working hours have better blood pressure and heart rates – an extra welcome benefit and another reason for management to fully support our demands.

CSCS Campaign gathers strength

In addition to voting yes to both questions in the current CSCS ballot, all PCS members are being asked to write to their MPs to continue the pressure in our campaign. PCS is also organising lobbies of local MPs in every region.

PCS still firmly believes that a negotiated settlement which protects members’ entitlements is possible if the employer is willing to sit down with PCS to discuss a fair settlement.

CSCS Campaign – PCS Busts the Myths

As meetings of PCS members have been taking place up and down the country to keep members fully informed, the employers’ efforts to undermine our campaign have intensified. Much of it seems to concentrate on the fact that recently very few people have been made compulsorily redundant against their will – less than 100 in the civil service and none at all in DWP. This is absolutely true and this is how PCS wants it to stay.

It must remain expensive to make us compulsorily redundant.

Any redundancy must be voluntary

Compulsory redundancies have always been kept to an absolute minimum by offering decent voluntary redundancy packages to volunteers. In the new arrangements management can offer as little as the statutory minimum to volunteers for redundancy making compulsory redundancy much more likely.

These proposals have been brought in to save money. We would lose out if we accepted them.

Our jobs are worth fighting for – we will not sell them cheaply.

DWP Staff Survey results out

Once again the DWP staff survey shows that there is huge room for management to improve in how they respond to staff concerns and views and earn Staffs’ confidence.

In contrast over 80% of staff enjoy their work, feel respected by their colleagues and that they can rely on them. While only 23% have confidence in senior management, a much higher percentage have confidence in their own line manager.

Inflation accelerates to 3.5%

UK inflation figures released this week show inflation rose to 3.5% in January, putting further pressures on members’ pay packets and raising the expectations on our 2010 pay claim.

According to the staff survey less than a third of staff feels adequately rewarded, or feel their pay is reasonable compared to those doing a similar job in other organisations.

PCS will make those arguments strongly when it meets management next week to discuss our pay claim.

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