DWP union news - weekly bulletin 14

26 Feb 2010

The latest bulletin for members in DWP and CMEC

Contact Centre talks move towards a conclusion

Talks continue with Contact Centre Directorate management aimed at settling the dispute over members being threatened with compulsory transfer into CCD. Members on the 14 sites have been very patient so far but PCS has warned management that member’s patience is running out and they are increasingly keen to see real measurable signs of progress from the talks. PCS are pressing management to agree a package of improvements good enough to settle the dispute before the Group Executive meets on March 4th.

PCS members vote for civil service wide strike

PCS members across the civil service have voted decisively to strike to defend the Civil Service Compensation Scheme. 51,984 members voted in favour of strike action, 29,941 voted against. A massive 81% voted for action short of a strike.

The PCS National Executive Committee met yesterday to receive the ballot result and they immediately agreed to call a civil service wide strike for March 8th and 9th followed by a short sharp overtime ban from March 10th to April 6th to really pile the pressure on the employer to change their mind.

Make them listen

PCS will do everything it can to try to find a settlement to our dispute. A lobby of parliament has been arranged for next week so every MP can hear first hand how strongly we feel about protecting our jobs. We will bust the myths that have been peddled about gold plated payments. We will let MPs and the public know that it is about job cuts on the cheap and stripping us of every ounce of job security during very uncertain times.

Sticking together to win

PCS members in DWP know that action gets results. Across the civil service we are even stronger. We now need to stand firm together to show that we know that what the employer is trying to do to us is a disgrace – our cause is right.

Together we will win.

Early pay talks take place

PCS pay negotiators met with DWP senior management this week to set out members priorities for pay in 2010 in advance of management’s submission to the treasury for our pay pot. We submitted our clam to DWP and CMEC management emphasising the need to start off by seeking additional funding to consolidate the non-consolidated payments from the last pay round.

Make bonuses redundant

Everyone knows this pay round will be difficult. We have asked management to maximise pay by bringing every available penny into pay. This recession has totally discredited bonuses. This week there has been a public outcry about The Royal Bank of Scotland’s decision to spend £1.3 billion on bonuses. Bonuses are the one thing management should make redundant. PCS members want the money to be spent on decent wages they can rely on instead.

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