DWP union news - weekly bulletin 16

12 Mar 2010

The latest bulletin for members in DWP and CMEC.

The National Executive Committee of PCS met yesterday to discuss progress in our campaign to defend job security over CSCS. The national strike action on 8th and 9th was very successful, very well supported by members and gaining unprecedented media coverage for our just cause. The National Executive Committee unanimously agreed to call a further 1 day strike on Budget Day – March 24th to keep the pressure up during this vital month before the general election is called and the intended changes to CSCS come into effect on 1 April 2010.

Keeping the pressure on the employer

PCS has written to Tessa Jowell, minister for the civil service, asking for talks now. Members were shocked at the government’s refusal so far to talk. Government ministers have called on the BA workers and management to talk, the postal workers and Royal Mail management to talk – it’s good to talk and it’s time they started taking their own advice.

Political pressure mounts for improvements

162 MPs have now signed our early day motion. Further lobbying will take place to increase the political pressure further. Many MPs and prospective MPs joined our picket lines. PCS will do all it can before 24th March to turn that support into pressure on the government to stop threatening our job security.

Standing together for our jobs on March 24th

As the Chancellor, Alistair Darling presents his budget to the House of Commons on March 24th we will take another days strike action if necessary. A strike on budget day will have a tremendous impact. PCS has made suggestions to the government about savings it could make by cutting waste in the civil service. We will make it absolutely clear that our dispute is about ‘robbing’ us of our job security not about necessary savings. Savings could be made another way. An agreement is within reach but we must step up the pressure to get it.

Sticking together to win

DWP members played a tremendous part in the success of the strike on 8th and 9th March this week. By sticking together on the overtime ban which started on 10th March and being prepared to stand together again on 24th March, we will secure the gains we need to feel secure about our jobs and our rights.

The more united we are, the quicker we will win.

Contact centre improvements

Details of improvements negotiated so far for members earmarked for compulsory transfer into the Contact Centre Directorate has been issued to all PCS members. Improvements include choices for all members threatened with compulsory transfer, guaranteed job security for Band A staff, help with transfers and more talks to provide further options as the sites transform. Retaining processing on sites and other solutions to our dispute will be discussed as the numbers management need and the number who want to transfer become clearer. A further meeting will take place next week.

Improvements for all CCD staff

CCD management have agreed to continue talks with the aim of reaching agreement over improved and agreed terms and conditions for members in CCD, including flexible working. Management will test the improvements in pilot offices over the next 3 months which will be jointly evaluated with PCS. Management have agreed some improvements already – maximising the amount of annual leave requests met and greater tolerance around breaks. Negotiations continue.

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