DWP Wellness Survey - what it means for you

31 Jan 2018

Following the 2017 Staff Survey, and the open and honest responses received from staff, DWP has published a Wellness Survey on the intranet to concentrate wholly on the area of wellbeing.

PCS was consulted regarding the detail of the Wellbeing programme, and was shown the Wellness Survey in its draft form.  Having contributed to the detail of the questions asked, we are confident that this assessment will bring vital evidence to the fore, of the pressures that our members face and the reality that is their working day.

This is more than a stress project; it is a Q&A evaluation that will allow staff to give a clear picture of work/life balance, or lack of it - and in turn give DWP some insight into the issues that affect our members.

PCS is in full support

PCS is fully supportive of both the aims and objectives of this exercise.  We have pressed DWP to ensure we have sight of the findings, and have received a commitment that we will be fully involved in the evaluation process prior to any decisions being made.

PCS encourages members to complete the survey, giving open and honest responses, including making good use of the text box provided to give extra detail as necessary.  All of this will give the union the evidence we need to aid us in our on-going negotiations regarding stress, attendance, and our members’ wellbeing in the workplace.

Time will be made available during the working day to complete the survey, or a flexi credit provided if undertaken outside of working time.

PCS will be working closely with DWP to consider what the results mean for you.  We will not allow this to become a mere tick-box exercise, but will examine the findings and push DWP to implement changes in an aim to redress the balance between work and home-life. 

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