Employee Deal Rotation 6 in SDT and CID

30 May 2019

The GEC has received a number of concerns from members working within the Service Design and Transformation Directorate (SDT) regarding the messaging issued to members by management on Rotation 6 of the Employee Deal.

No consultation with PCS

Members have been incorrectly told that there is a requirement to input a minimum of one 6:30 tent pole per 5 days worked.  Some members have been told that this is part of a pilot which is being undertake within the Customers, Intelligence & Digital (CID) area.  PCS categorically confirm that there has been no consultation or discussion with the GEC on an Employee Deal Pilot in this area, and that any such pilot would have been required to be discussed with PCS via the National Employee Deal programme.  Even had such a pilot been undertaken then the terms of the Collective Agreement would nonetheless have continued in any case.

PCS wrote to SDT management on 13 May calling for them to halt their miscommunication and undertake consultation to resolve the issues but to date SDT have failed to engage with the GEC.  The GEC believe that this lack of Trade Union consultation is unacceptable and we are pushing for discussions to be undertaken urgently.

No minimum number of 6:30 tent poles for individuals

PCS wish to confirm to members that no-one should be required to input a minimum number of any tent pole and should only enter their preferences in the first instance whilst taking account of the overall team requirement to meet demand.

Every attempt should then be made to cover the requirements at a team level via consent, and only then should Line Managers undertake 1-2-1’s to understand the individual circumstances which might mean that working those hours might not be reasonable.

If after that the demand levels are not met, only then should there be any consideration of requiring individuals to cover specific tent poles whilst taking into account, all of their personal circumstances.

Any member who has been advised that they are required to work specific tent poles and have input schedules which are not their preferences, should consider requesting access to the tool again to amend their commitments to reflect their actual preferences and their personal circumstances.

If there is an instruction to commit to particular hours, members should request confirmation of this in writing, provide a copy of this to Leeds@pcs.org.uk and speak to your local branch about supporting you with a grievance if appropriate.

Further updates will be provided as soon as we have further information.

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