Ending meaningful consultation for compulsory redundancy

19 Aug 2009

Branches will be aware that a number of AA's in Jobcentre Plus have been subject to meaningful consultation for compulsory redundancy for many months.

Threat of compulsory redundancy to end

As part of the recent agreement between PCS and DWP on improved terms and conditions, DWP have now agreed to end the meaningful consultation on the 62 AA’s who remain subject to meaningful consultation. Additionally DWP have agreed not to commence meaningful consultation for a further 54 AA’s who are currently surplus.

While DWP maintain that they do not have roles for these staff going forward, they have undertaken to continue to find worthwhile work for them to do. They will however retain their surplus status to preserve their priority status in finding other jobs in DWP and other departments.

One to One Interviews

From 19th August and 4th September Jobcentre Plus is to undertake a final round of one to one interviews with all 116 AA’s who are either surplus or subject to meaningful consultation.

At these interviews management will ask the 62 staff subject to meaningful consultation if they wish to acquiesce on compulsory redundancy terms. They will also ask the 54 surplus AA’s if they wish to exit on compulsory early release terms. It will be entirely voluntary for the staff to acquiesce to this offer.

Members are entitled to five days notice of these interviews and may also be accompanied by a TU rep. It is important to ensure that there is no element of compulsion in the way management’s offer to leave the department is presented to staff. Branch reps can expect to be approached by members asking that they accompany them to these interviews.

This process will finally remove the threat of compulsory redundancy that some members have faced since June 2007. There is no doubt the determined action of PCS reps and members has been crucial in preventing a single member being made compulsorily redundant against their will. This is a significant achievement of which all members can be proud.

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