Festive Leave in Working Age Directorate

22 Oct 2018

The group executive committee has received the festive leave proposals for Working Age Directorate (WAD) for this year.

The percentages of staff allowed off in WAD over the 3 week festive leave period are as follows:

17–21 December 2018 (40%)

24–28 December 2018 (50%)

31 December 2018 (40%) and 2–4 January 2019 (25%)

The GEC recognises that compared to previous years WAD have increased the percentages of staff allowed off and that is to be welcomed. There can be no doubt that this increase has been of the result of union and staff pressure. Also, the willingness of WAD senior management to have constructive dialogue with PCS is also welcome.

The GEC negotiators met with senior WAD management on Friday 12 October 2018 and raised our concerns regarding the percentages allowed off on week commencing 31 December 2018. As a result of pressure from the GEC negotiators, senior WAD management have increased the staff allowed off on 31 December 2018 to 50% and have received a firm commitment that management will look again at the preferences for the remainder of that week with a view to increasing the percentage allowed off above the current proposal of 25%.

PCS welcomes this constructive dialogue with senior WAD management as there is a real opportunity to allow more people off in New Year week.


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