Festive Leave in Working Age Directorate - Update

02 Nov 2018

GEC negotiators met with senior WAD management on 31 October 2018 and were advised that the staff demand for time-off was under the percentage allowed off every day apart from 24 December 2018.

The only WAD offices that will be open on 24 December are the sites in Scotland. The demand from members who wish to take that day off is 51.4%, which is 1.4% above the threshold. Senior WAD management have agreed to take the sensible approach and approve not only all annual leave requests on that day, but on every day over the 3 week Festive Period. The GEC welcome the approach taken by senior WAD management which has allowed every member of staff the time-off that they have requested.

For clarification, the WAD Festive Leave percentages allowed off are as follows:

17–21 December 2018 (40%)

24–28 December 2018 (50%)

31 December 2018 (50%) and 2–4 January 2019 (25%)

Guidance for Branches

Branches are encouraged to approach their local management to ensure that all annual leave preferences over the 3 week Festive Period in WAD have been agreed. If local management are not willing to confirm this and if members in WAD are not being allocated the annual leave that they indicated in their preferences, branches should escalate to the GEC, via the Operations Trade Union Side (operational.tus@dwp.gsi.gov.uk)

Members working in Work Services Directorate (WSD) are covered under separate consultation with UC/WSD senior management.




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