Flexible working in Future Pensions

05 Jun 2019

Restrictions on flexible working hours in Future Pensions will be rescinded from 10 June, following the talks between PCS and RS management.

Following a meeting with Retirement Services management on 28 May, the GEC understands that the restrictions imposed on members’ flexi in Future Pensions at Tyne View Park will be lifted from Monday 10 June with RS management stating that members will have “as much freedom and flexibility as possible while still meeting service standards”.  Despite the regrettable delay in resolving this matter when raised with RS management, the GEC welcomes the outcome and that RS management have now listened to the concerns raised by our members.

The GEC understands that the rationale for the change of heart is ostensibly due to a change in the work situation.  We believe however, that the crucial factor in this reversal was undoubtedly the strength of feeling on the ground, PCS negotiators made this very clear to management.

Futures brought back in line with the rest of DWP

The decision to return to the normal flexible working hours arrangements and allow membera “as much freedom and flexibility as possible while still meeting service standards” brings members in Futures in line with all other members in DWP.  Members are encouraged to contact your local PCS reps should there be any moves to change any current arrangements or unreasonable restrictions imposed.

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