Grading of Decision Makers in Retirement Provision Directorate

28 Jun 2018

A grading exercise took place a number of years ago for the role of Decision Maker in Pensions Directorate. The outcome of this exercise was that the job was graded as an AO role.

Since then Branches have reported back to us that this role has become more complex and we raised this issue with Pensions management some considerable time ago. Unfortunately despite promises being made of a review of the Decision Maker role this has failed to materialise. PCS is also looking at similar work across operations to ensure that the grading of the same type of jobs is consistent and correct across the different directorates. There does seem to be a big disparity between RPD and the other directorates in grading, including with other benefits which operate on CAM.

Information required from Branches

In order that we can progress this matter further PCS are seeking details from Branches who have members undertaking this role. The following would be useful in helping us to progress our discussions with management;

  • Full details of EO duties AO Decision Makers believe they are undertaking e.g. types of decisions being made and guidance available to members.
  • Details of any work where judgement needs to be applied to make decisions, where there are grey areas and the decision can be made either way.
  • % of working week being spent on these duties.
  • Job descriptions for AO Decision Makers.
  • Full details of what these members believe has been added to the role over the years

Please send all feedback to OPERATIONAL.TUS@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

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