Have your say in the 2018 DWP People Survey

02 Oct 2018

DWP People Survey 2018 Participation

Participation in the DWP People Survey provides an opportunity for you to tell DWP what you think. The Survey will be open from 1 to 31 October 2018. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete and your line manager will allow official time for you to participate in the Survey. You can give DWP your own honest feedback about issues such as your pay and the fairness of the evaluation of your performance under the DWP People Performance process.

Voluntary, anonymous and confidential

PCS has democratically agreed to support participation in the DWP People Survey following debate at the 2016 Annual PCS DWP Group Conference:

  • Participation in the DWP People Survey is voluntary, anonymous and confidential
  • All survey response options, positive or negative, are for the use of employees including neither. The use of neither does not give a negative response - it simply may indicate that the employee has no opinion to express or is simply unaware of the issue
  • All DWP employees are encouraged to complete the Survey once to give their own honest feedback on issues covered by the Survey questions

Tell DWP what you think!

All the response options which range from ‘Strongly agree’ to ‘Strongly disagree’, including ‘Neithe’r, are provided for your use. DWP People Survey guidance for line managers lists actions that support a well managed survey and these include: Encourage use of all the response categories, including ‘neither agree nor disagree.’

The Survey would be seriously distorted and devalued should people be falsely led to believe that ‘Neither’ is not as equally valid as a response as any other.


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