Jobcentre Risk Assessment not agreed by PCS

02 Jul 2020

DWP have posted onto the intranet the Jobcentre Customer Facing Risk Assessment (JCFRA). The JCFRA has not been agreed by PCS.

The JCFRA was only sent to DTUS on Monday allowing insufficient time for proper consultation. DWP is moving too fast to reopen Job centres and is not allowing time for full and thorough consultation on such a crucial document.

Despite this timescale PCS submitted detailed comments on the JCFRA to DWP by Wednesday morning. DWP have replied to say that they have not accepted all of PCS comments including on key issues such as maximising working from home for both staff and customers to avoid customers having to come to job centres where this is unnecessary.

Regrettably DWP decided to publish the JCFRA this morning despite knowing that they were to have a further discussion with PCS this afternoon.

Reps should understand that the JCFRA has not been agreed by PCS and reps should tell local managers this in any discussions with local managers. Reps should also use the 5 tests agreed by PCS nationally, and highlighted in DWP/MB/091/20, as a basis for the local risk assessment process.

PCS has a further meeting with DWP this afternoon after which further guidance will be issued.

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