Join PCS marching for a 5% pay rise on 12 May

05 Apr 2018

We’re calling on all PCS members in the DWP, family, friends and supporters from across the UK to join us and thousands of others from across the trade union movement on the TUC’s march in London on 12 May to call for a 5% pay rise for all civil servants.

The 12 May is the TUC’s ‘new deal for working people’ march

The march will be a family-friendly event so save the date, make a day of it, bring your family, friends and colleagues and show the government your determination to get a 5% pay rise. 

How to get there

Some transport is being organised by your PCS regional centres across the UK, so contact your nearest regional centre to find out about help getting to London. The march will assemble at Victoria Embankment between Hungerford Bridge and Blackfriars Bridge from 11am. It will move off at noon and march to Hyde Park. The rally will take place in Hyde Park, finishing at 4pm.

How much have you lost

Despite the Employee Deal many PCS members in the DWP and other public sector workers have suffered because of years of pay restraint leaving us on average £4,400 a year worse off in real-terms. You can find out how much you’ve lost, and share your result with Cabinet Office minister David Lidington, by using the PCS pay calculator.

PCS is demanding:

  • •a fully-funded 5% pay rise
  • •a Living Wage of £10 an hour
  • •pay equality across the civil service
  • •a common pay and grading structure.

Get involved in PCS Payday events

You can keep up the pressure on the government by encouraging your family, friends and colleagues at work to take part in PCS pay activities and protest events in the coming weeks and months. 30 April is our Big Pay Petition Day when members will sign large petitions, which can then be used in photo opportunities with the maximum numbers of members taking part. Ask your PCS rep for details about the petition in your office.

What you can do

Join in the Webinair

We will be offering members an opportunity to join a webinar on 14 April for members who want to get more involved in the pay campaign specifically and to build for the Big Petition activity on 30 April.


The TUC wants to make sure the event is accessible to everyone. There are special arrangements for people who:

  • wish to join the march at the main assembly point
  • wish to join the last part of the march for a shorter route to the rally
  • wish to go straight to the rally.

Take a look at the accessibility guide to find out more detail

We want more members to get involved

We want to increase participation across the union and get more members involved in doing the little things to support the pay campaign and help build the union. We want thousands more members to get involved. Talk to your PCS rep to find out more about being a union advocate or to find out more go to union advocates.


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