Labour Party on rebuilding a just social security system

18 Jun 2019

The Labour Party National Policy Forum is conducting a consultation on rebuilding a just social security system.

PCS has been holding regular meetings with Margaret Greenwood’s office about this issue. The Labour Party have made it clear that they want to hear the views of those people who work day to day delivering the social security system, as they value the vast experience and knowledge that our reps and members have built up. This is a unique opportunity for us, as the union representing the members delivering social security, to shape a system that is more in line with our values and that our members may actually feel proud to administer, unlike the ones that we have had up until now.    

At the 2019 PCS annual delegate conference we held a very successful fringe meeting, led by PCS general secretary, Mark Sertwotka, PCS president, Fran Heathcote and the Labour Shadow Minister for Work and Pensions, Margaret Greenwood. The meeting was attended by a significant number of delegates, both from DWP group and the wider union. It was clear that Margaret Greenwood was extremely impressed by the contributions made by those who attended the meeting, and she took away a vast amount of information. She was particularly impressed with the vast amount of knowledge that our reps had, and with how much our reps demonstrated that they cared, both about the service they wanted to deliver and the people that DWP are supposed to be helping.

We would like to personally thank all those people who took time to attend the fringe meeting and contribute to the feedback that was given. The meeting also agreed that it would be good idea for reps, branches and regions to submit their own views to the consultation. The consultation is open until 30 June 2019 and contributions can be made online,

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