Learning Delivery Officers in Employee Deal Rotation 5

11 Dec 2018

GEC negotiators met with OED management on 29 November to discuss concerns raised from Learning Delivery Officer (LDO) members regarding the planning for Rotation 5 of the Employee Deal as well as feedback from Rotation 4.

LDOs demonstrate their commitment to the DWP

PCS highlighted concerns that members were demonstrating goodwill to the business by travelling often long journeys before and after delivering training courses.  LDO members are travelling to locations around the country to deliver the vital training programmes that the DWP require and because of the nature of their job role delivering training courses then they have less flexibility to use their assumed consent to start late or leave early at their non-fixed end of the day when they are doing this. The nature of the work and the travelling can mean members can do more late finishes after 5pm than the maximum of no more than 1 in 5 days and should be counted as such. To then expect LDOs to also cover additional late finishes when they return to the office when there is little or no demand is likely to abrade the good will upon which the Department relies.

OED management stated that a number of LDOs work until 6:30 or beyond when travelling and then claim additional pay for this, which wouldn’t count as covering a tent pole.

No real demand after 5pm

When in work time PCS maintain these journeys should be considered to be a contribution to the business under ED where they cover a tent pole (8am, 9am, 5pm or 6:30pm) and they should be considered to have fulfilled their commitment. LDOs should not then be expected to do another late or arrange a swap with a colleague as they have already done their late unless they choose to do so.

OED stated that they have to ensure that demand is met at the end of the day by ensuring that emails and phones are covered up to 6:30pm.  Our feedback from members is that there is that there is little to no demand for LDOs to be in offices to answer either calls or emails after 5pm and that the 5% of staff put forward by OED is excessive.  LDO members should continue to feed in details about the actual demand for cover at the end of the day in their offices and how they think it should be covered.

No problems covering 6:30?

OED senior management have stated that they do not believe that there is an issue with covering the 6:30pm tent poles and that Ali Brown the head of Change and Learning Delivery states that he is happy to speak to any LDOs who do not believe that they are receiving fair treatment under the ED planning.

Seek support from your local rep

If you have concerns about your ED cover expectations, you should raise them with your line manager with the support of your local rep in the first instance. 

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