Local and Euro elections 2019

03 May 2019

All political activity by DWP employees is subject to management permission.

Thousands of DWP employees have ‘standing permission’ for political activity but must provide their line managers with advance, written notification of their intention to engage in political activity which complies with the rules.

Detailed guidance on the restrictions on civil servants’ involvement in a private capacity in political activities is set out in section 4.4 of the Civil Service Management Code and in the DWP Standards of Behaviour. The DWP rules for political activity were revised from 25 February 2019 and are published in Paragraphs 96 – 121 of the Standards of Behaviour. If you intend to engage in political activity please read Paragraphs 96 – 121 of the Standards of Behaviour.

Display of election posters: Standards of Behaviour paragraph 104 confirms that you are not required to ask permission to display a lawful election poster from your home, e.g. election candidate poster.

PCS guidance for political activity has been provided for DWP members in PCS Briefing DWP/MB/021/19.

Contact your local PCS Rep for advice, support and representation if you are refused permission for political activity.

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