Members' update on Counter Fraud Compliance Directorate Local Service Investigation Grading Issues

06 Aug 2018

Local service investigations (LSI)

PCS continues to pursue the issue of the LSI grading with management and has reiterated how strongly members feel about the validity of the JEGs exercise which was carried out.

CFCD stand by their position, that the additional evidence supplied by PCS, via members, was not significant enough to review the scores.

PCS has sought legal advice, and we are prepared to pursue this issue through legal channels if necessary. PCS has encouraged CFCD to reconsider its position to avoid further legal action against the department. This has been noted but the employer refuses to reconsider.

In December 2017, PCS issued a letter of intent to pursue legal action against the department in respect of the JEGS exercise undertaken. The employer requested an extension to the date of response to this which was agreed and a formal response was be required by 20 January 2018.

PCS received a response from the Government Legal Department strongly denying that any breach of contract had occurred and that the JEGS exercise was conducted correctly.

Following on from this response PCS continues to seek a resolution to this issue for our members and are exploring every avenue. The union has requested the legal opinion of council and await their advice before deciding next steps.

We appreciate that this issue is of major concern for members and that it has been going on for a significant length of time. It is not our intention to increase the delay in seeking resolution, but we believe it is important to explore every possibility and this takes time.

In the meantime if any members have any further information that they can share with PCS, that would potentially help any legal challenge, please send it to group office through your branch. 

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